how to keep apples from turning brown science experiment

How to keep apples from turning brown is a question that my wife and I often asked each other and of all the fruits we bought and tried to preserve this was by far the most challenging. It is one thing to see an apple turn brown, quite another to actually witness it happening to a real live apple. Apples have a tendency to brown easily when exposed to air and water, this is because the skins are porous and the natural sugars within the flesh begin to break down. Over time the sugars become highly concentrated in the core of the fruit where they eventually turn brown and drop off. It is important to know how to keep them from browning before this happens so you do not spoil your favorite snack.

In this article I will present some very simple yet effective techniques on how to keep apples from turning brown. The first step in making this type of experiment fail is to ensure that there is no prolonged exposure to the sun, which can damage the outer surface of the skin. Next you need to ensure that you do not leave the produce exposed to extreme temperatures as this can also cause it to brown quickly. Lastly you need to keep the produce out of extreme cold conditions, this will cause the sugar to begin to turn brown.

The way you would like your apple to turn brown is by exposing it to the sun, but how to keep apples from turning brown without damaging the outer surface is simple. It is best to only expose your fruit to the sun for short periods throughout the day, perhaps just an hour or two at most. For apples that are already slightly browned when you start to expose them to the sun they may still be light browns after exposing them for just a few hours, but they should be light browns by the time you are through with your day. You should try to avoid exposing your fruit to direct sunlight anywhere around noon as this causes the outer layer of the fruit to turn brown rapidly.

When choosing how to keep apples from turning brown, you have to take into account the time of day that you are planting them. If you are planting during the peak season, for example during the apple planting time at harvest time, you are likely to have the most shade possible surrounding you and your plant. This will make it impossible for your fruit to turn brown during the winter months. If you are planting in the late summer or fall you may find that the soil is very warm, which can actually help the color of your fruits. In fact, if you keep your plants in a cool location during the summer months this can even help them to retain the color they already have.

Another important factor in how to keep apples from turning brown is ensuring that you protect your fruit. Sun rays in general have a strong effect on the color of any fruit regardless of what type it is. You need to make sure you cover your apple accordingly when planting. Covering them with either a plastic bag or a tarp will be sufficient enough to protect them from the sun’s rays. However there are other ways to ensure that your fruits remain as healthy as possible.

The type of soil you use has a very strong effect on how to keep apples from turning brown. Soils with a higher percentage of sand or clay will reflect more sun than other types of soil. Sand or clay absorbs more sunlight and so therefore turns brown faster than other types of soil. Similarly, if you choose to plant your apple tree in an area with a lot of trees and shrubs, you will find that their leaves will absorb a great deal of sun. Therefore mulching your trees will greatly reduce the amount of sun that they receive and thus prevent browning of your fruit.

How to keep apples from turning brown also depends on how to water your trees. It has been found that fruit trees need to be watered on a regular basis but it is important to keep your sprinklers aimed away from the stem of the plant. This is because the branches of the plant can dry and turn brown very quickly. If your sprinklers do become accidentally splashed you can reduce the damage by placing plastic bags around the area in which the sprinkler head will fall. The same rule applies if you were to water your fruit trees through your hose; only water the base of the plants and leave the crown free to grow.

Another very important consideration is to ensure that you don’t over feed your trees. Excess sugars and other nutrients can turn brown very quickly. If you over feed your trees you can expect to see brown spots forming on their leaves and fruit. If you are wondering how to keep apples from turning brown then you need to ensure that you always have enough space available for your plants and never overcrowd them.

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