what do you need to build a gaming pc

So, you are planning to build a gaming PC. You want a system that will keep up with your favorite gamers. You need to know the best components for building a gaming PC. Here is what you need to look for.

Your gaming PC components will include your processor (processor), motherboard, memory, hard drive (RAID) and cooling system (heat sink and fan). Your motherboard will come with the barebones system. You will have to add components if you plan to build a motherboard with PCI express or AGP. These motherboards will only accept the standard motherboard ports such as USB and fans.

If you decide to go with an AMD rig, your motherboard must support AMEX or PCI Express. If you get a motherboard that does not support these two, then your PC will not run correctly. The motherboard will also need to have a good SATA drive and a decent and cams for recording videos and photos. For sound you need a good motherboard with said card and sound card.

Your video cards also make a difference in your video output. If you plan to use the integrated video cards, then you can get a motherboard with vGA in it. If you want to use dual video cards, then you will need to buy an upgrade for each card. You can find the upgrade on ebay or else check out some of the aftermarket websites for cards. The best cards are from EVGA, apart from them being manufactured by Asus and Samsung.

Check out also the video RAM for your motherboard. This is what will help your video cards to work with the faster processor. You can get this from the same place where you got your motherboard. If you get a good one here, your processor and motherboard will work perfectly. If you are planning to buy some expansion slots, then get a good one from the same vendor as the motherboard. This will make sure that you have enough space to add more devices.

When you are done with your motherboard and video card, you need to move onto the hard disk space. Get a solid state hard disk if you don’t already have one. If you do, then get an upgrade to go with it. You will need this to store all your latest files that you download. A good tip for when you are building your own machine is to always have an extra hard disk for unexpected accidents.

The last major item that you are going to need to build your own machine is the video card. If you are planning to use the integrated card, then you need to have more than enough RAM in your system. For those that are using the PCI card, then you only need a couple of gigabytes of RAM. However, you need to keep upgrading your video card every so often. There are plenty of good places that you can buy them at.

Now that you know what you need to buy, all you have to do is start building. It may sound a little difficult at first, but after reading through some of the earlier articles that were written, you will be able to understand exactly what you need to do to make sure that you are not stuck at a dead end. The most important thing that you need to do when building your own machine is to know what you want to put in it. Then, take the time to shop around until you find the best prices on the parts you are looking for.

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