what programming language should i learn for cyber security

I’m asked regularly, “what programming language should I learn for cyber security jobs?” My answer is a variety of things. Every job is a little bit different, so your best bet is to talk to someone in the field. For example, there are some programming languages better suited for systems and some that work best for networks. Most of the big systems like Microsoft know both.

However, one thing we all must have is the ability to understand, edit, and use code. At least a good knowledge of C and JavaScript. These two are the most common coding languages used in the web. (C# and JavaScript are also good too.) You must-have a working knowledge of HTML and CSS. You must-have at least a basic working knowledge of databases and how they work.

Most of us are already familiar with most of the major web languages including PHP, ASP, Java, HTML, CSS, etc. So what’s the big question? What programming language should I learn for cyber security jobs? I would say the answer is simple: Cross-Site Scripting. This is abbreviated as CSS, JavaScript or JSP. All these three codes are basically the same thing but each has a slightly different job to do on the Internet.

The most common job for a Cross-Site Scripting programmer is writing scripts that are used by hackers and penetration testers to infiltrate your website. For example, scripts that will log and track IP addresses, usernames and passwords, and so on. Some of these scripts are used to scrape web pages, collect e-mail addresses and other information that hackers would find very valuable to them. Thus, the need for these programmers who know these important programming languages.

One of the most interesting languages to mention in cyber security professionals are the ones written in Golang. Golang is an internet programming language that started as a humble programming language for embedded devices. Ever since, it has evolved into one of the most popular choices of programmers when it comes to writing programs for desktop computers and other devices that run on the OS. The reason why it has become so popular is because it is very easy to use and it compiles down to a small executable. Thus, the reason why more people are switching over to using slang in their day to day work.

In addition to the previously mentioned programming languages, there are two more that should definitely be on the top of your list when learning what programming languages to learn for Cybersecurity jobs. Those are C++ and Rust. Yes, these two programming languages are actually the most widely used on the planet, but that shouldn’t be the primary reason why you should learn them. In fact, those two programming languages are not even half of what makes Rust superior from C++. The main reason for this is that Rust can be used with any of the OS (Linux, Mac, Windows) while C++ cannot.

Programming languages that are used heavily in cyber security positions such as those of computer security analyst, system security analyst, or malware analyst require a high level of familiarity with both C and Rust. Thus those two programming languages are must have skills if one wants to be good at their job. Furthermore, all three of them are highly compatible with each other, making it very easy to combine them in unique ways to create new and innovative cyber attack methods and techniques.

As previously stated, those three aforementioned operating systems are all highly compatible with all three of the programming languages. Therefore, if you want to get your job done as a cyber security specialist or information security consultant, you need to know the best combination of those three. The most popular combination is Python, due to its simplicity and obvious structure. However, Python’s simplicity also makes it vulnerable to attacks from viruses and hackers. As such, many information security companies have begun transitioning from C and Java to Python due to the security holes discovered in Python. This means that if you want to work on cyber safety or information security, you should learn at least one of those three languages.

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