what should i upgrade on my pc for gaming

There are many different components that come into play when you plan on playing your games on your PC. For example, the graphics card is important but it might not be the best one for your system. If you were to purchase a better one, then the speed of your game play would be much faster. This would allow you to enjoy your games even more than you already do. To help you determine what should I upgrade on my PC for gaming, here is a list of some of the top options that will give you the best experience.

The graphics card in your computer plays an important role when playing your games on your PC. If you don’t have a high quality card installed, then you will have a lot of slowdown and lagging. It would be best to find a card that has 2 gigabytes of ram on it. This would be enough to run all of the latest games without a hitch.

When you are looking at video cards, there are four major categories. There are the AGP model which uses a slot for dual channel monitors. Then there is the PCI Express model which is used with video cards to transfer data between the hardware and the RAM.

PCI bus and the multi-core processor would be the next two things to look out for. The quad-core processor would be able to run several programs at the same time. It is faster than the dual core. The most important thing to see would be that if you have a good video card, then you will not have a problem getting the game running. However, if you don’t, then you need to make sure you have the right video card to help you out with the gaming experience you have been looking for.

Memory has also changed in this generation. The RAM is easily the most important upgrade to be made. Every computer would have plenty of RAM and that makes it possible for you to run more programs at one time without any slow down. Upgrading this part would be highly beneficial to you.

The graphics card is going to determine how good your visuals will be. Upgrading here would be highly beneficial to you. This is also the place where you would want to put in an optical drive to support the storage of the movies and music you download from sites like iTunes. Getting a faster video card would make your system run faster.

When thinking about expanding on the hard disk, you can opt for a larger one. However, it would be wise to go with something that you can actually install a program onto. Having a bulky disk just hanging around in your computer without a use is not very advantageous. By upgrading, you will be able to store more files and a lot of data will transfer at the same time.

If you are wondering what should I upgrade on my pc for gaming, the logical answer would be the sound card. With a great gaming sound card, you would have no problem hearing your enemies footsteps in the battlefield. There are plenty of companies out there that manufacture sound cards for this purpose. You can opt to go for wireless or wired. It just depends on what you are comfortable with and what is more functional for your needs.

With what should I upgrade on my pc for gaming, it is important to also think about memory. More memory would allow you to save more game files. Also, this is important if you intend on downloading PC games. Without the storage space, these games would be more difficult to download. Therefore, having more memory for your RAM will be worth the extra money.

The final component to consider when thinking of upgrading your PC is the video card. It would depend on what type of graphics you prefer to use. For example, if you enjoy playing first person shooters, then you may want to upgrade your video card. This would allow you to have excellent graphics and have clearer and brighter images. On the other hand, if you prefer the scenery of a video game, then you would probably be better off with a cheaper graphics card.

What should I upgrade on my pc for gaming is not as complicated as it might seem at first glance. However, there are many components that need to be considered before making a decision. By deciding on the most suitable video card and ram combination first, you will know what else to purchase. Then you can decide what else would be useful to have.

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