Why the PS5 Will Offer More Games Than Any Other PlayStation Console

The PS5 is a fantastic console. A significant reason for this is the sheer number of games available on it, which will continue to grow with each passing year.

Sony should offer more games than any previous PlayStation console with the PS5. Five reasons why…

1. Sony Is Developing a Large Number of Original IPs

We have yet to play a slew of brand-new PlayStation 5 games. This is understandable, given the fact that we have all been affected by a global pandemic. However, things are beginning to change. New titles will be released, both with previously released content and with previously unreleased original content.

Sony announced early in 2021 that it is developing over 25 PS5 games, nearly half of which are original ideas. The PlayStation Showcase 2021 confirmed additional original PlayStation 5 games, including Marvel’s Wolverine, Forspoken, and GhostWire: Tokyo, in addition to franchise games like God of War Ragnarok and Gran Turismo 7. Additionally, we saw some remakes and remasters of beloved titles (ahem, KOTOR).

While the PS5 will lack a diverse first-party gaming library in 2021, there will be plenty of exciting content to follow.

2. Sony Is Purchasing Additional Game Studios

Sony acquired Bluepoint Games, Housemarque, and Firesprite in 2021. This means that we will see not only more excellent games from these developers but also games that are specifically designed for the PS5.

We are all aware of the gaming greatness that Sony has previously achieved with its first-party titles. With its acquisitions of high-quality game studios, we’re likely to see the PS5 continue the trend of outstanding first-party Sony games.

This corroborates the previous point; we can anticipate additional original PS5 content. The PS4 spawned some incredible franchises, and the PS5 will see the continuation of these games. However, with the acquisition of these new game studios, it’s clear that Sony wants to bring more unique and exciting ideas to the PlayStation family, rather than simply building on existing franchises.

Sony is acquiring game studios in preparation for a diverse selection of PS5 games; it’s exciting to anticipate a PS5 gaming library that demonstrates both quality and quantity.

3. The PS Store Provides a Diverse Selection of Games for Your PS5

Thus far, we’ve discussed what the PS5 will offer in the future, with the goal of providing players with the most games of any PlayStation console to date. Now, let’s take a look at the games that are already available for your PS5.

Simply because Sony’s new console lacks an expansive library of first-party titles does not mean that it is limited to a small number of games.

Let’s begin with the PlayStation Store, Sony’s digital marketplace for purchasing and downloading digital content for the PlayStation 5. The PS store offers a variety of games for digital download, including titles that are exclusive to the PS store.

Additionally, you can download and play games from previous generations on your PS5, which you would not be able to do otherwise on Sony’s latest console. Additionally, the numerous sales help you build a cost-effective PS5 gaming library, saving you a backlog of titles for a rainy day.

Though not perfect, the PS store adds another string to the bow of the PS5 gaming library, providing access to games from multiple PlayStation consoles, both retro and modern, as well as a slew of digital-only titles.

The PS5 Could Feature a Truly Incredible Gaming Library in a Few Years

Considering everything, the PS5 will feature a slew of original games, support for nearly all PS4 games, the ability to stream hundreds of games via PS Now, and the ability to download games across multiple PlayStation consoles via the PS Store. Not bad, isn’t it?

While other PlayStation consoles are capable of performing some of these functions, only the PS5 is capable of performing them all to this level of excellence, providing the largest gaming library of any PlayStation console to date.

Additionally, the PS5 may provide us with the best first-party gaming library of any Sony console in a few years. PlayStation fans are living in an exciting time.

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